Philosophy Tuesday

March 24, 2015

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

It is also a quote:

“I think it is the official responsibility as us as human beings to try to imagine the world around us as complexly and interestingly as we can.”

— John Green

(I really like the expansiveness and the opening up of possibilities available in this quote, and how it brings a sense of wonder to our lives.  And I would extend it to people too:  people are also part of the world around us and so we too can imagine them as complexly as interestingly as we can.

A whole world, never knowing it fully, ready to engage and learn more, avoiding pitfalls, offering new avenues, always primed to be delighted.)


  1. […] have invited several times on this blog to consider people, and ourselves, to be far more complex than we often give credit for. That we avoid siloing people into very narrow groups/fields/identities and relating to them only […]

  2. […] so too goes others.  When I don’t understand, I can explore, I can ask, I can listen, I can imagine others complexly, and I can see what’s the context that would have them be the way they are […]

  3. […] Knowing how to proceed, how to work towards what we all want in life, we need to get as broadly grounded as we can, and from there we can choose where to apply ourselves, what to transform.  We need to get the lay of the whole land, and the wind and the rivers and the trees, not just that which is directly in front of our feet.  We can imagine things complexly. […]

  4. […] circumstances, and you might create them totally different.  Let your views be fresh, and who they are may completely shift.  They may grow.  Or they may […]

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