Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

The truth will set you free.

 But first it will really piss you off.

I remember hearing for the first time that addition to the saying of old, and laughing.   Laughing not only because it was unexpected but also because it was so spot on in so many instances. “NO! That’s not possible. That’s not who I’m being. That’s not how it works. It isn’t like that. You don’t understand. If you had my life/my experiences/my situation/the people in my life/my knowledge/etc then you’d see that what you’re saying can’t be so. You, sir, are full of it.” Turns out resistance is a natural/common reaction, and the closer it got to something to my core, the more the fighting back happened.

And those areas where I would fight tooth and nail over the most were the areas that brought me some of the greatest transformations in my life.

Within our brain, a threat to our identity (wrapped up as they are in our view of the world and in survival) is pretty much treated the same as a threat to our body. It’s why we sometimes get combative over even simple things. Whenever someone or something challenges that identity or view, we can get set off. There’s so much of “us” wrapped up and invested in it. It doesn’t matter if we like the position we find ourselves in, or if the outcome we keep having is one we don’t actually want. We know we can survive it. It’s part of who we are. Up go the gloves. “Back off!”

When we stay with it, however, and listen and try it on, there comes the opportunity to see something new – something potentially liberating for us and our lives. This goes beyond just listening to judge, compare, or dismiss, it is really taking it on and living inside of it, at least briefly. To see if there’s a new “truth” to discover within. We’re not stuck with anything; if we don’t see it, we can put it aside. When we do uncover a new truth, though, then we can hold onto it.

All that pissed off dissipates, almost instantly, comically.  The freedom is what remains.