Philosophy Tuesday

May 12, 2015

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

I’m also unsure what exactly I want to write here. All I know is in reading the recollections of Kevin Vickers on his experience after the events on Parliament Hill of last October, I am in full of admiration and inspiration for his words and his reflections. That day he, in his duty as Sergeant at Arms, killed an assailant that had shot their way into the halls of Parliament. In the aftermath, he did not vilify, he did not celebrate, he did not triumphantly turn it into a talking point. No, he instead recognized it for the tragedy it was, the tragedy for all involved. Including the assailant, and path that led him there. The morning after was one of the “loneliest moments of his life” he said, and he let it in. He chose to forgive, chose to be humble, and chose to feel and grieve at the disjunction it is to take another’s life. And to speak openly, fully, and honestly about it.

He did his duty. He ended a terrible situation. He was well celebrated and well hailed. And he has chosen to keep his humanity and remember the humanity of us all.

That is remarkable and moving and a reminder of whom I want to create myself be.

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