Architecture Monday

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Now we’re talking! Re-use of an old utilitarian steel grain silo to create a wonderful cozy loft-y house. In a small space such as this (probably less than 20′ in diameter ) clarity of form and spaces wins out, and architect Christoph Kaiser has done it. The loft overhead bisects the vertical space in two, twice – vertically and horizontally – creating two distinct spatial experiences on the ground floor and a surprisingly expansive experience on the mezzanine as the ceiling reaches towards a retractable skylight at the silo’s peak, flooding the space with natural light. The silo’s form and insulated insertion also helps make the house a fine performer in passive ventilation, heating, and cooling. Throw in a fine selection of materials, integrated little shelves and nooks and touches, and a 9′ curving glass door that opens the space to their also-circular yard, and it’s golden.