Architecture Monday

One of the projects I was assigned in first year studio took place at the old Carleton County Gaol-turned-youth-hostel in Ottawa.  An interesting building and history – check it out.  We started the project intensively surveying and documenting of the site, including (as one of our assignments) a series of detail photographs.  Which led to this photograph I took:


I love this photo, and still have it hanging on my wall today.  Why?  Because of the craft.  This is a wooden entryway shed, added to provide a windbreak and vestibule to the main building, to deal with the snow and the cold winters. Simple structure, but the craft is in that intersection.  Amazing craft.  The craft and the time and the detail and the work, the care to cut the wood of the new entry shed to meet and marry and interlock and seal with the original rough-cut stone of the building.  Painstaking time to cut the jigs and jogs and get them to fit.  Craft and craftwork.

That’s just amazing, quality, and prideful work.  It inspires me to this day.