Gaming Thursday: Rabbits!

Ever since I bought Bunnies and Burrows, many moons ago, I’ve always considered that it would be one of the toughest RPGs to run. For one, everyone is a rabbit, an everyday, ordinary rabbit who can count to four and maybe knows a bit of herbalism or bun-fu. I figured you would need a very good group of players, fully invested in the idea and willing to really get into character and drive the game through the everyday bunny type adventures you’d have. Oh, there could be the epic quests like those in Watership Down, but the game suggested revolving the campaign more around the trials and tribulations of keeping the warren safe, exploring the local area, some mischief with local farms. You’d need a lot of support to carry that.

Plus, I never owned the original version, only the GURPS remake of it, and I’m really questioning now if that type of system would have supported the play well, making the job even more of a challenge to run.

With my recent exploration into FATE and the playstyle it encourages, I’m now much more confident that such a game would be runnable. Sure, invested players would still be indispensible, but the way the systems are set up for that kind of a game style it nudges the players and lends itself to the freewheeling nature of that kind of story as well as the ingenuity of the bunnies.

‘Course there are other systems that also fall into that category, and now there’s a chance to find out how it’d run in the Apocalypse World Engine. And of course it’s another Kickstarter! $10 bucks gets you the completed PDF!

I’ve jumped in. Though I’ve never seen how hard, or easy, it is to run B&B, with this I might just.

(As an amusing side note, I bought Bunnies and Burrows before I read Watership Down, and somehow it was through the reading list at the back of B&B that I ended up learning about and reading Watership Down, a book that I still read chunks of on a semi-yearly basis…)

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