Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

Transformation is an interesting thing, for it is the creation of something new.

It is different than change, for it does not drag the past along with it.

To that, there can be a lot of resistance.

“But I don’t want to lose all that is me!”

“I don’t want to become a totally different person!”

It is as though like the caterpillar, you must leave all behind to become the butterfly.

Transformation, however, is not like that.

It is more, “Transcend and Include,” as said Ken Wilber .

You needn’t lose all from the past – you Transform it.

You needn’t put aside all your interests and values – you create them anew.

You take what works for you, keep all you like about you.

And that which doesn’t work for you, you Transform.

Transformation does not require abandoning where you’ve come from, or who you’ve been.

It is a new relationship to where you’ve come from, or who you’ve been.

It can include as much of “you” as you like.

Transformation is not abandonment or nullification.

When you clear away the chaff and the barriers, you get to write something…

Something that is even more, and truly, you.