Architecture Monday



A friend of mine just moved into a delightful house that exemplifies how wonderful well disciplined design can be and how well it can achieve and create such a wonderful space, all while remaining very humble and use everyday materials and methods.

It does not take marble to make good architecture.

The house is constructed of simple post-and-lintel type construction, using cement board on the outside and stained wood, coupled with glass. So. Much. Glass. Glass that surrounds and envelops and illuminates and lets in the views and vegetation and animals and air and life.


Well-defined proportions and the repetitive elements work together to make the space feel very comfortable and inviting. The layout is simple – it is almost all one room – and I’d say it has a touch of the traditional tatami-style aesthetic to it.


Little touches seal the deal, such as the operable vents along the edges to let the air flow through, and the clerestory lighting that, while at first blush may not seem necessary given the rest of the glass, drives light deep within along the ceiling, really letting the inside glow like a lantern and floating the ceiling plane.

Simple and elegant and a wonderful space to be and live in.

2 thoughts on “Architecture Monday

  1. Ubo November 16, 2015 / 22:31

    Such a lucky friend who not only lives in this wonderful place but also have words to justify why. :D

    • Kannik November 16, 2015 / 23:01

      Indeed! :)

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