Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

I have invited several times on this blog to consider people, and ourselves, to be far more complex than we often give credit for. That we avoid siloing people into very narrow groups/fields/identities and relating to them only that way.* That we avoid over simplification. If nothing else, our identity of identities makes it so.

We are all rich in delightful complexity.

However, in one of those Niels Bohr moments, we humans are also decidedly simple in our primal wants and urges.

Indeed, we are verily united in this way.

We want to be related, and loved, and part of a greater whole.

We want to be fulfilled, and joyous.

We want to create, to make a difference, to be generous.

We want to dance, both metaphorically and literally.

We want to live as long as we can to experience as much as we can, especially to live those above wants.

In so many ways, we are all very much the same at our core.

As one world traveller I once read put it:

“I’ve been all around this world, in cultures and countries far and wide, and I’ve found that, beyond my expectations, beyond my reasonings, for better or for worse, we are all the same in our desires for life.”

There’s no mystery there.

It’s who we, I, you, all, are.


* – I was having a conversation today exploring how the first question by some people about a new potential hire at their company is what school they went to, and the degree to which that impacts how they view, how they treat, how they welcome (or don’t), and how they distribute tasks to that new hire when they arrive…

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