Philosophy Tuesday

One of my favourite ways of looking at transformation is through the phrase, “Make the sandbox bigger!”

Because that’s what mindfulness, philosophy, ontology, and transformation makes available.

It isn’t about the right way of living, it isn’t about a set of proscriptions and rules, it isn’t about only looking at things one way, it isn’t a straightjacket.

It’s the opposite.

It is about taking our views which have usually, unintentionally, become narrow like this \/ and instead make them open up wide like this _ _.

It’s about gaining new vistas and creating new openings.

It’s about being able to see how we got to be the way we are, and even more it’s about being able to actually see how we are being, get present to our experience of life, and then going beyond to choose and create our life.

It’s about gaining access to whole new realms of possibility – not just new possibilities, but whole new realms of possibilities.

And, perhaps above, all, it transforms our experience of life to one of creation, invention, and wonder.

We get to play more.


We have more toys to play with.


We gain an expanded realm to play in.

We have a bigger sandbox.

Let’s go play.