Architecture Monday

Another wonderful project by the Rural Studio. Using off the shelf lumber and completely (seemingly) mundane corrugated metal roofing, they created this fascinating double-skin design for a county animal shelter.

Programmatically, this shelter sings. I love how the animals each have views to the outside, and in turn the public has equally easy views within to see the animals and further, I would gather, adoption.   This is further supported by the wooden walkway that traverses the open-ended vault. It’s a straightforward and compact plan, laid out simply but elegantly, with a spacious and luminous lobby dominating.

Spatially, we get a full aria. The jewel box of glass and metal delicately and purposefully placed under the long and expressive vault is completely engaging, and the diagonal cut to the roofline beckons. The walkway by the box is the right proportion to pull one forward. The play of light on the wood and metal keeps things lively. Imagine kittens and dogs at play, and this is the type of building that might well result.

A fine example how really good design done in a really clever way produces a wonderful place and space… and doesn’t need a billion bucks to do it.