Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical post, intended to spark thinking and examining.

Just as with the false dichotomy, beware of the false equivalency.

It is, pretty much, as it sounds.

Given that X relates to Y in this particular fashion, therefore A must relate to B in the same way.

It may not be as often used as a false dichotomy in argumentative speech, but it still can hide out there, masquerading as rational and sensible logic.

And, just like a falsieD, it narrows views and cuts short expansionary, complex, and holistic views and thinking. It eliminates options. It shuts down our brains.

It makes us miss things.

Especially in the areas of our own lives and of who we know ourselves to be.

Because hitting my thumb hard with a hammer always hurts does not mean that all interpersonal relations will always also work out the same way that it did that one time.

Because genes control my height* and eye colour does not mean that they control my personality or my actions.

Because physics works 100% the same every time, does not mean that the economy is a law like gravity.

Because I cross my arms when I’m defensive, does not mean everyone who crosses their arms are on the defensive.

Some things in our lives – mathematics, physics, etc – work a particular way. Other things in our lives – who we are, how we relate to others, the societies we build – work in their own and varied ways.

Furthermore, within each of those are additional divisions and influences, each also working in their own way(s) and creating a greater whole.

I invite us all of us to be on the lookout for collapsing worlds together and conflating realities into false equivalences.

The world is a rich place. There are thousands of possibilities and ways and opportunities.

It’s unfortunate when we don’t play with them all.


* They don’t fully control your height per se – they are a part of what controls your height, coupled with food/nutrition and environment…