Architecture Monday

Oh my I so love this project! The Frederiksvej Kindergarten, by COBE. What a, fittingly, playful and delightful take on a large kindergarten project, avoiding what could have been a rather imposing school block. Their concept was as simple as it was clever – take a child’s drawing of a house, arrange, and repeat:

The delicious cluster of seemingly independent buildings (looking all the world like Monopoly houses crammed together) created not only a wonderful sense of scale that relates to the village and the park nearby, and also allows for plenty of natural light to be brought to the classrooms, but also a wonderful variety of different nooks and crannies, including courtyards, different play areas, interior atriums, and covered decks that allow play and learning and diverse activities and experiences during all times of the year.

Those atria are especially wonderful. White and gleaming, the wide balconies surrounding it become more than just circulation, they become play area, especially with the cute house-shaped pop-outs that jut out into the open gallery.

That little house motif repeats itself over and over, used for tool sheds, toy storage, cabinetry in the classrooms, and even little sleeping huts for the children during naptime. (!)

Despite the seemingly random arrangement of the different houses, the plan is straightforward and flows cleanly. A great use of a little inventiveness to create something a cut above. I would have so loved going there as a child… (heck, I still would love it!)