Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical post, intended to spark thinking and examining.


I’d wager that if we looked at nearly every downfall, to a large degree that which lies at the heart of the breakdown is the very human capacity for hubris.

Hubris is a glorious mix of arrogance, of stubbornness, of egoism, and of conceit.

Hubris is our brain’s hardwired desire to be right coupled taken to an extreme.

It is fanatical clinging to a view, a feeling, a desire, a truth.

Hubris blinds us to what’s so.

And it can blind us equally whether as one or as many.

The fall of companies, the fall of relationships, the fall of civilizations, the fall of individuals… all arise from hubris, all from ignoring that which was unfolding before it.

In that way, hubris is the opposite of mindfulness.  It is the opposite of being present.

When we train ourselves to see in a more unfettered fashion, when we let go of what we know, when we cease clinging, we can dance with what’s happening. We can even play.

And we give ourselves a chance to perhaps avoid that downfall.


* And I say this all, humbly and intently, as a recovering righteousoholic…

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