Architecture Monday

This is a fun one. This is Tubakuba, or “Tuba Cube”, by the Bergen School of Architecture and OPA Form. It’s a cube. With a tuba-like entrance. A very simple concept behind this one, but what they’ve wrought is marvelous.

Nestled in amongst the trees, the charred wood exterior gives way to that tuba entrance that heightens the otherwise mundane experience of entry. You climb in (smaller children find themselves, at their delight, at an advantage!), and emerge almost full face with the dominating window on the opposite wall and the view of the city and waters beyond. Almost, because the window offset from the entrance. That subtle shift of the gaze again tweaks the experience, elevating the awe of that first glimpse out.

The warm wood within gives light from the window a nice glow, and the curvaceous built-in furniture doesn’t disappoint. That you get to sleep above the tuba entrance is just icing on the cake.

Off the grid, local materials, and a focus on being one with the surroundings. When next I’m in Norway, I’ve gotta see if I can grab this place for a night.