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My obsession continues

March 18, 2016

… with Zootopia. A pic of what’s now gracing my room:

IMG_20160318_222154628 copy

It’s been about a decade since I was last in a D store*, and I’m glad the fantasticness of Zootopia brought me in once again!

* Aaaaaannnnnd it was weird to me to see Star Wars and Marvel stuff in the store…


Hoppin Wylde

March 18, 2016

My Zootopia mania continues. I’ve listened to “Try Everything” hundreds of times, I’ve been scouring the net for fan art, I’ve sought out interviews, turned the movie over and over and over in my mind. Seriously, I’ve not been this excited about a Disney film (pure Disney, not Pixar) since The Lion King, which took me equally by storm oh those so many years ago. And, while I loved me my Pixar films, even Ratatouille and Wall-E didn’t have me this obsessed. Given I saw TLK in the theatre some 8+ times, who knows what’ll happen here.

Thus far, though, it’s only been twice.  (Edit — I have now seen Zootopia 8 times in the theatre (!))

And I have more to add to my previous impressions… a continuation of my review… Read the rest of this entry ?