Architecture Monday

This is gorgeous.  Built of the very soil it sits in, a continuous zigzagging rammed earth wall fronts a series of cabins built under a long earth berm, creating a playful inhabitable landscape.  This is a project that truly celebrates the landscape, drawing inspiration from and becoming part of it.

Besides looking great, the huge thermal mass from the earth and the rammed earth construction keep these houses naturally cool in the hot and arid climate.  Those rammed earth walls also (as is often the case) lend their beauty within the cabins themselves.

I love the little chapel/meeting room, a simple design with sliding glass panels to open everything to the outside and with an expressive roof that captures the light.

As with many things, it’s the attention to detail and detailing that really makes this project sing.  I’d love to visit.

For more info and pictures of The Great Wall of WA click here: Luigi Roselli architects.