Architecture Monday

A video to share tonight!

Shigeru Ban is best known for his works making emergency shelters out of cardboard tubes.   But it isn’t the material, or the ingenious responses to the emergency conditions that makes his work noteworthy, it is his ability to craft wonderful spaces.   These are buildings people want to be in.  Many of them remain in use, even long after the “emergency” or “temporary” conditions that spawned them have passed.

Design isn’t for special cases only.  These works help demonstrate that design is for everywhere, and that good design is vital for our wellbeing, and, by extension, the wellbeing of our communities.  When we take care of ourselves through design, we are taken care of.

Little could seem “humbler” than a cardboard tube.  And perhaps his buildings are often, in some way,  humble.  Yet they are wondrous spaces to be in.  In both his more planned and permanent buildings as well as the temporary ones, he exposes and weaves and celebrates the tube as an expressive form that creates light and luminous spaces to inhabit.

Which is, in many ways, what architecture is all about.  Inhabitation and inspiration that facilitates, nurtures, and touches our spirit.