Architecture Monday

A fine little project, the Thread Cultural Center (just shortlisted for the 2016 Aga Kahn Award) uses local building materials and techniques to create a wonderful multi-purpose set of spaces.  While its primary intent is to be an artist residency, the generous courtyards of the building also offers a hub for community gatherings of all kinds.

I love the form of this building, with its undulating roof that weaves itself in curvy sensualness around its two courtyards.  Even better, this delicious roof also channels rainwater to two collection ponds that supplies the community with fresh water.  The peak where the two roof curves meet forms a shaded outdoor gathering space, dynamic in form and perfect for the climate.

The rooms too are exciting, the roof curving upward towards a wall of brick arranged in a checker-pattern that mediates the light, diffusing it into a glow, while letting air and breezes though into the room.

Simple and arousing.  A great use of a simple traditional thatched roof, elongated and wrapped around into an elegant form that draws you in.  A wonderful new part of the community.

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