Architecture Monday

This one’s got a bit of gimmick in it, and it’s a simple and good gimmick.  The site is a rugged and rocky hill (nearly cliff) near the sea.  The desire:  a small retreat cabin.  The brilliance:  use the existing rock face to shelter the cabin.  The concept, and gimmick:  what if the roof was a viewing platform, and bent down towards the ground to form a staircase up to this new deck?

Indeed, what if?

I really like how this turned out.  Three of the four sides of the cabin is all windows (that fourth side is the stair/roof), however,  being nestled up against the rock, the windows opposite the angled roof looks out onto the rock face, and that gap is enchanting.  One of the paths to the house enters through that gap, and as the light from above plays upon the rock face it becomes a living sculpture that occupies one whole side of the house, adding a richness of texture.  This, in turn, plays off the clean and warm lines of the interior wood walls and stairs.

Inside, the effect of the two other window facades is remarkably different, the strong roof line overhead framing views boldly outward towards the water, or back towards to a small patio that’s also nestled in amongst the rocks.

A little Norwegian gem, born of a fun idea carried through with rigor.  The Knapphullet by Lund Hagem.

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