Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.


A radical shift, a metamorphosis.

It is a key part of ontological philosophy, the study of the being part of human being.

It is the promise of self cultivation.

What is transformation?  What does it mean to transform something?

Here’s what I’ve gotten for myself.

To begin, transformation is not change.  Transformation is not about changing something.

Transformation is not an evolution.

Transformation is not about more, better, or different.

Transformation is not about the circumstances.

Transformation is distinct.

Transformation is the act of removing inner barriers and constraints, barriers and constraints that are often hidden from your view.

Transformation opens up new vistas on life.

Transformation allows for new experiences of life.

Transformation opens up new avenues for being and acting in the world.

Transformation can be hard to describe.

Inside of transformation, your view and experience of and on the world shifts.

When an area of your life transforms, things literally occur differently to you.

Transformation is a leap into a new realm of possibilities, possibilities that were often not even conceivable to you the moment before.

Transformation is, ultimately, about freedom.

Inside of transformation, there is a clearing.

Transformation allows for choice.

Transformation allows you to authentically create yourself, free from the constraints of the past.

Transformation allows you to act, free from the constraints of the past.

Transformation takes rigor.

Transformation takes practice.

Yet, transformation allows for effortless action.

Inside of transformation, new ways of effective action happen naturally, often automatically.

Transformation allows for surprises and spiralling excellence.

Transformation is such a rush.

Transformations can be deepened.

Transformations can also be lost, and regained.

Transformation can be hilarious.

Transformation is amazing.

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