Architecture Monday

Books.  Light.  Unifying to create an inviting and safe space for reading.  An elegant design to bring libraries where no libraries yet existed.

The book shelves being the windows… and vice versa… not only leaves no doubt what this building is all about, it also is a great way to allow views without distraction, and mitigates and distributes the light to create a lantern effect without glare inside.  Exterior louvers keeps the light from damaging the books.

Architecture can provide for a community in many ways.  Certainly, the function of a library is a big boon in of itself.  But as a locus, a centre, a gathering place, there is a huge force multiplier that goes beyond the function alone.  A sense of pride, of place, of home.  Of the future.  It supports the people, gives them a place to meet and be together, and speaks to what’s possible.

“The idea is that books are a source of knowledge just like water is the source of life.”  The Bunateka Libraries, by Bujar Nrecaj Architects.