Architecture Monday

While I was down in LA this past week, I took the opportunity (hot on the heels of The Art Assignment’s art visit episode to LA) to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It’s quite a different experience than the Getty, with a series of (mostly) independently designed buildings, rather than being one unified whole.  One of those buildings was the Japanese Pavilion.


For a building dedicated to displaying primarily Japanese scrolls, it works quite well.  A continuous, and sinuous, ramp stretches up and down from the entry level, its curviness creating alcoves and balconies from which to view the artwork.  The ramp floats within the greater volume of the pavilion, hovering over a “stream” made of black rock hemmed in by black tiled walls.


The amorphous shape and path of the ramps creates vistas across the building, letting you catch glimpses of the upcoming artwork and paths, much as a meandering path through a garden.


The little alcoves, coupled with the transparent railing, makes for a very intimate art viewing experience.


Capping it all off are the translucent panels that make up the outer walls and an oculus in the roof.  Looking all the like giant shoji screens, they allow natural light to flood the space, bathing the artwork in a diffuse glow that emulates the original viewing conditions for the paintings and highlights the detail and texture in the painting.



Overall, a nice little gallery, possessing a nice balance between whimsical excitement and a quiet serenity, very well suited to the artwork on display.  Worth a visit for both the art and the architecture.

Wonder Tue/Wed 4

Here’s the (almost) last bit of Rescue Ranger themeing in the park:


I said almost, because I saw a few people sporting big buttons from that morning’s Chip and Dale’s Character Breakfast at the Grand Californian, and on the button C&D were in their Rescue Ranger garb.  Woo!

I also bumped into Princess Merida – almost literally.  She was striding (with vigour, as you might expect her too..) from a character meet, and we nearly collided.  We both did this quick shuffle to avoid and danced around each other, laughing.

Needless to say, it was a great, great couple of days at the park, absolutely delightful.  All those character meets , dancing away during all the parades (seeing the Paint the Night parade 3 times… I can’t not dance to that song), and being joined on the second day by my good friend Jenn whereupon we looped our way around the park and just indulged our excitement.

I’m still not used to seeing Star Wars (or Marvel) stuff in the park.  Hyperspace mountain was a pleasant surprise though; I didn’t expect it to be much more than a slight rebranding, but there’s some nice new effects, including one with a TIE fighter model that’s really well done and was worth it just for that alone.  (The movie projection onto small screens though looks just like that, a projection on a screen, so unfortunately they were not really as effective)

One thing that surprised me in the other direction was the absolute dearth of Zootopia themes, items, elements, and, especially, merchandise.  For a movie that made 1B worldwide, and over 340M domestically, it was really weird to see nothing.  No pins, no plush, no shirts… nothing.  I might have to exercise some of my shareholder power to get that changed…

Great, great visit.

(And earlier when I said that Nick was reluctant to show off his kung fu moves, well, he at first looked down at me in my low stance, then looked back at his handler and twirled his finger by his ear as if to call me crazy… !)


Wonder Tue/Wed 3

And with a bounce bounce bounce… Tigger!


No surprise, Tigger was really engaging and full of zest. We played around a bunch, lots of high energy back and forth.



Playful, playful tiger, and equally intense in wonderful hugs.



I actually went to see Tigger twice… on the first day, he was taking a water break (it was quite hot out!), and Rabbit was there in his stead:


And I met Eeyore both days…


As well as, of course, Pooh!


(The delightful pose was Pooh’s idea!)

Pooh really liked my Scar shirt on the second day, we had a little “conversation about it”



Bounce, bounce, bounce, joy!


Wonder Tue/Wed 2

Meeting up with some old friends…



With a little kung fu thrown in for good measure!


They found it funny how high I could raise my front leg. We played around bit,  where they tried to copy the pose with their little chipmunk legs (Dale even using his paws to try to lift his leg higher!).


Lots of fun, and hey were sweet as always.

Wonder Tue/Wed 1


Judy, Nick, and I showing off our kung fu martial arts training!

As you can see, Judy has adopted a rear weighted stance, distracting and guarding with her paws, leaving her ready for a powerful front kick with those amazing bunny legs.

Nick is using the soft paws technique.  It requires great sensitivity, leading the opponent to overreach with overconfidence while you subtly lead them off balance and off-centre for a follow up.

(Nick was a bit reluctant to demonstrate this technique – I think he wanted to keep it secret.  Judy, however, was totally gung ho and leapt into pose almost immediately.)

It’s been two wonderful days at Disneyland/Cal Adventure!

It was really great to get to meet and hug and play around a bit with Officer Hopps and undercover Officer Wilde.  Much love!

And more to come…

Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.


Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

— Le renard dans Le Petit Prince

“Here is my secret.  It is very simple: One sees clearly only with the heart.  The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

— The fox in The Little Prince


Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.


“At the bottom of things,most people want to be understood and appreciated.”

  – Gautama Buddha

It can be hard to come together.

It can be hard to turn on our empathy.

It can be hard to understand the other.

It’s so easy to create an “other”.

It’s so easy to create a “them”.

And yet,

At the same time,

We are humans, infused with capacities beyond measure.

We have it in us.

We were all born loving.

True, we can get hurt by loving.

Just as we can get hurt by falling down the stairs.

But we still take the stairs.

It really can be just as equally easy to listen.

It really can be just as equally easy to be with another.

We can come together.

We can engage with empathy.

We can be ready to look deep,

To recognize that everything is part of a chain.

That bogeymen don’t really jump out of closets.

We can engage.

We can listen and work to understand,

To be with one another as human beings.

Sharing all our foibles,

And follies,

Our divergent views,

And ideas,

Our common needs,

And desires,

Our loves,

And our passions.

The more we work to understand each other,

The more exceptional each one of us will be.

Paths can be changed.