Architecture Monday

This one’s close to my hometown!  A little cabin retreat on the shores of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada.

Here’s what makes this cabin a nice little space:

The ‘box within a box’ construction, consisting of an interior glass box that is separated from an exterior box of cedar slats.

The outer slatted box not only filters the sunlight from the lake, it projects patterns that change continually throughout the day and throughout the year.

The patterns in the slats vary, opening up some views, while screening others.

One of the glass walls is angled compared to the cedar slats.  This introduces a feeling of movement, a subtle shift of something dynamic.  It also helps shape even more interesting light play.

The simple palette of honest and naturally weathering materials.

A fine mix between sophistication from finely crafted details and a rustic quality from paring down to the essence of what makes for a quiet retreat.

All in all, an understated design that’s exhilarating and enlivening to be in.

Well done.  By Taylor Smyth Architects.