Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical post, intended to spark thinking and examining.

The rocking Hank Green posted a video that dovetails nicely into last week’s post about contribution and value:

I really like that phrase Joe DeGeorge said:  “Tonight we feast on the labour of centuries.”

It really speaks to that idea that we can and all do contribute.  That nothing is in isolation.  Almost anything can be a contribution.  And that contributions pile up.

Sometimes it can be hard to see our contributions.  We may not always be aware of the impact our actions can have.  Because when we look away, our experience of something also tends to cease, and our impact may happen long after we’ve turned our attention away.  Impact can also be subtle, hard to pin down to “direct cause”, and it gets entwined with all other influences an actions.

But an impact, we do have.  Everything we do has.

For good, or for ill.

And if we want to make the world a better place, we get to aim ourselves.

“Because in the end we matter because we make life better for people around us and also for people in the future.”

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