Wonder Tue/Wed 4

Here’s the (almost) last bit of Rescue Ranger themeing in the park:


I said almost, because I saw a few people sporting big buttons from that morning’s Chip and Dale’s Character Breakfast at the Grand Californian, and on the button C&D were in their Rescue Ranger garb.  Woo!

I also bumped into Princess Merida – almost literally.  She was striding (with vigour, as you might expect her too..) from a character meet, and we nearly collided.  We both did this quick shuffle to avoid and danced around each other, laughing.

Needless to say, it was a great, great couple of days at the park, absolutely delightful.  All those character meets , dancing away during all the parades (seeing the Paint the Night parade 3 times… I can’t not dance to that song), and being joined on the second day by my good friend Jenn whereupon we looped our way around the park and just indulged our excitement.

I’m still not used to seeing Star Wars (or Marvel) stuff in the park.  Hyperspace mountain was a pleasant surprise though; I didn’t expect it to be much more than a slight rebranding, but there’s some nice new effects, including one with a TIE fighter model that’s really well done and was worth it just for that alone.  (The movie projection onto small screens though looks just like that, a projection on a screen, so unfortunately they were not really as effective)

One thing that surprised me in the other direction was the absolute dearth of Zootopia themes, items, elements, and, especially, merchandise.  For a movie that made 1B worldwide, and over 340M domestically, it was really weird to see nothing.  No pins, no plush, no shirts… nothing.  I might have to exercise some of my shareholder power to get that changed…

Great, great visit.

(And earlier when I said that Nick was reluctant to show off his kung fu moves, well, he at first looked down at me in my low stance, then looked back at his handler and twirled his finger by his ear as if to call me crazy… !)