Architecture Monday

There’s a lot I like about this little writing studio tucked nonchalantly into a residential neighbourhood in New York.

For starters, the understated front face  possesses a nice jolt of whimsy that meshes well with its traditional neighbours, the soft windows and white walls presenting a playful face.  There’s also some subtle proportioning, with the garage door and windows both offset from the centre line.

The simple face also hides the magic happening within.  Inside, a curving form – the third floor! – dips down onto the second floor volume, intersecting with a wall of books that itself is interspersed with small windows.    A larger window opening to the rear lets in daylight that is scattered by that curving form, a uniform glow perfect for writing or reading.  If that wasn’t relaxing enough… there’s a tub to soak in by that window.

In contrast, the third floor, with its curving floor, is closed mostly to the outside, more secluded and quiet with only small windows to bring in specific points of light.

This is playful architecture, a complex inside only hinted at from the outside, a play of forms, and a great little addition to the existing house that compliments without being a copy.

The Haffenden House by PARA.

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