Architecture Monday

There’s a new set of videos out by Wintergatan, with a couple of new instruments and a new song that’s great, but can we just pause from that excellence to notice the incredible natural rock wall in the back of his workshop/studio?



I’m really curious to see how this all comes together!  Is it built against a cliff face?  Are those boulders?  Quarried rock?  The floor is level paving stones, and the far wall is plastered over and built right up against the rocks.  Emerging from the rocks, there is at least a stub wall, with pilasters, also built to seal to the rocks.  What is the wondrous landscape that makes this possible?

(I also really like the music box paper being used as a light diffuser!)

Using natural elements in the design is a wonderful thing.  It’s hard to beat the texture and richness and just feeling of time that comes from well incorporated natural elements.  Even if/when it turns into a bit of an impromptu shelf:


Making a natural rock face part of the design brings to mind the cabin I posted about here just a few weeks ago, as well as this:

and also one of the most famous examples, Falling Water, where the existing features of the site were brought in and used as the hearth for the fireplace:


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