Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

This post marks two years worth* of Philosophy Tuesday posts.   At the risk of sounding cliché, wow.   I’ve learned a lot writing these, week after week after week.  More than learned, I’ve discovered so much – about myself, about others, and moreover about who we all are as human beings.  I get so much joy when, in the middle of writing a post, I see something new about and for myself.  New windows, new insights, all new openings for transformation.

I’ve enjoyed the conversations that these posts spawn.  I’ve enjoyed the struggle, as they are sometimes, in writing these posts, and the satisfaction when it’s laid clear.  Conversely I’ve enjoyed the giddiness that comes when a post effortlessly glides out of my consciousness and into my typing fingers.  I’ve enjoyed writing some of these posts as poetry, while others as essays.  And, as you may have noticed,  I’ve enjoyed the point form quite a bit as well.

I enjoy that this is an endless journey.

One of the things I’ve learned along the way, in all my reading and travels and explorations, is that it doesn’t really matter the source.  Any philosophical tradition that is highly developed, no matter its starting point, begins to talk about the same things.  They may talk about them differently, they may wrap them in different language, they may have a different conceptual framework.  But, ultimately, they are all pointing to the same place, the same fundamentals.  They have to.

Because we are all the same human beings.

The same holds with all martial arts that have been developed to a high degree.  They also end up talking about the same things – because we are all the same human body.  There are only a few ways to use our bodies to generate maximum potential.   The arts have to reflect that.  And so too do we see the same discussions and movements and body use in all manner of sports, and dance, and athleticism.  They’re all linked.  They all talk similarly.  They have to.

We are of the same body.

We are of the same human being.

We are of the same human spirit.

For my own journey, I have tried to delve into many different traditions, many different entry points, many different angles, to get the best and fullest view of who we are.  To explore what’s possible.  It’s brought me closer to myself, and more importantly, to others.  It has brought me expanded freedom, self expression, joy, and peace of mind.  It is a road leading forever towards the horizon.

And all I want to do is link hands with everyone and keep on walking.



* Insofar as this is the 104th post titled “Philosophy Tuesday.”  This isn’t exactly a two year anniversary, taking into account both weeks off and weeks with titles other than strictly “Philosophy Tuesday,” nor does it take into account weeks (or movie runs…) with additional philosophy posts… ;)