Architecture Monday

A bit evocative of the Sydney Opera House (albeit inspired by the trees that surround the site),  this sculptural series of shells bursts forth from a terraced green roof, or more stunningly, from a white, snow-covered roof in this Switzerland town.  White reflective snow coupled with powerful colours makes for an impressive sight in the crisp winter nights.

Inside, the light scoops brings plenty of natural light into the pools and spa areas.  There’s an abundance on theatricality and fancy moments, but that’s fitting of a spa attached to a luxury hotel (the Tschuggen Grand).   Through the use of plenty of stone and warm wood, the building often has the feeling of a cozy little cave, a secret and secluded spot to hang out, from where you can gaze upward to the sky.  Fortunately, that’s all you can see from those shells, for they face the less inspiring facade of the hotel itself.

conceptual sketch by architect Mario Botta
conceptual sketch by architect Mario Botta

To which this is a wonderful  addition.  The spa gains light and can look out and upward onto something rather than being blocked by the hotel in front of it.  Conversely, those in the rooms facing away from the views into the valley floor now get a sculptural folly to gaze upon along with the trees.

And while I don’t know exactly where the photo below is vis-à-vis the building, it’s darn enthralling and makes me want to find out!