Philosophy Tuesday

I was somewhat lost in thought as I looked out the hotel’s fifth floor window.  We were three that had been brought up to the room, though only two of us now remained, chatting as we waited to be led off to our individual California Supplementary Architecture Exams.  My fellow test taker was sharing about his current project and, more specifically, about the troubles he was having in getting his permit.

“Yeah,” I said, still preoccupied about the upcoming exam, “lately I’ve taken on ownership of how everything goes on a project, including how it goes with the city.”

“Oh I certainly don’t do that!” he chuckled immediately.  There was a pause.  “I guess that only ever leaves me as being a victim, doesn’t it?”

I turned from the window.  He was looking my way with an expression of both revelation and peacefulness.

“Yes.  Yes it would.”

We looked at each other for a moment, a shared understanding passing between us.

“Huh,” was all he replied, with a slight smile.

With that, he was called out to his exam, and to his future.