Architecture Monday

Here’s a wonderful little bit of compact living, an apartment design in Taipei.  With careful use of interlocking functions, and built-in as well as mobile furniture, it’s a nice and airy space that can equally accommodate friends over for dinner or create open enough area for yoga and exercise.

The pics do a great job of showing off the space, and its combo of built-in and flexible furniture.  I really like the brick wall framed alcove – an existing bit from the original apartment.  While it was painted white like the rest of the walls, the rough and textured nature of the wall is a perfect relief and foil for the silky smoothness of the other walls and wood millwork, and its heaviness is equally a nice counterpoint to the delicate elegance of the stair rail.

Besides making good use of the height for storage, the open shelving also, with its change in material and colour, helps create a separate zone for the loft bed and desk, effectively making the space feel bigger with two levels even though it’s one open space.

Quite a nice little apartment.  We don’t need big houses to live large.  Care, intention, and design is where living happens.

22m2 Apartment by A Little Design