Philosophy Tuesday

There’s lots of really wonderful things about sharing transformation, about coaching, about gathering groups of people to sail together into the philosophical seas.

There’s one thing, though, that while it isn’t the foremost on my mind most of the time, ultimately it is one of the most impactful aspects about sharing all this.

It is this:  once we, as this group of people I am now surrounded by, become aware of our barriers, our foibles, and the chicanery we pull, especially on ourselves, in our daily lives, because of this awareness, I can’t pull any of that crap that I used to pull on myself or others.

To put it bluntly:  They won’t let me get away with it.

Here’s the thing.  Being present, being mindful, letting go of barriers and upsets and baggage and world views and all those hidden biases and blockades and doing the work to get through it all and taking on new and uncertain things… all of those, it’s tough.  It takes something.  And my identity is going to pull its special slippery mojo to keep me from doing it, it’s going to try and convince me how things really are, and it will do whatever it needs to in order to protect itself.

Yet, when I am in that dance, when I am being mindful and present and full of possibility, I like myself and my life better.  I, the central self, the authentic me, want to be in that space.

And so being surrounded by people who not only can help and coach and provide that outside perspective that’s so necessary, but who also will hold my feet to the fire and call me on my weaksauce excuses and say “wait, what?” is absolutely golden.

Sure, I may (will?  likely?) get all annoyed in the moment and argue and be pissy about it, but they know what’s going on.  They’ll stand their ground, and in the end I’ll get it and something new and wonderful will be created and I’ll be left freer and with greater peace of mind and ready to tackle new things.

I will also (perhaps sheepishly) apologize for being all pissy and annoyed, and thank them for who they are for me in my life.

Being surrounded by those who are pulling for you, pulling for who you want to be, pulling for what it is we all want, is amazing.  It keeps us all true to who we created ourselves to be.

Seeing what others get out of sharing this stuff is always great.  It’s so moving and wonderful and exciting.

But that hidden, unintended bonus, is equally glorious:  Partners who will stare us down and will not let us pull fast ones on ourselves or others.

And I love that.