Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

What do you do when the rug is pulled out from under you?

We all know that feeling, the scary, tumbling in the void feeling when what we thought was so turns out to not be so.

Sometimes we thought we had our chequebook, and we don’t.  That’s embarrassing.

Sometimes, though, it’s much more.

It could be a friendship – or more – we thought was true ends abruptly or turns vicious or simply uncaring.  It could be a state of affairs that lo and behold is quite different than we expected.  It could be an identity that we’ve clung to and fought so hard to keep alive finally goes away and we see what really lies before us.

Our world view(s) get popped.  Usually at very inconvenient times.

It can be vicious.  It can be upsetting.  It can make one sick.

It can feel like an aching loss.

And there’s nothing wrong with feeling that.  Reality losses can be very jarring.

However, even in that painful morass, there’s something interesting there.

The loss, it turns out, is kind of a false loss.  For there was nothing there to begin with.

The only loss that happened was the losing of a falsehood.  The loss of an erroneous worldview.

Therefore nothing’s truly been lost, only gained:  a clarity of what’s actually there.

It becomes a chance to be present and mindful and see powerfully what’s actually so.

It becomes a chance to discover.

It becomes a chance to create.

It becomes a chance for action.

Inside of the hurt and shock and surprise, we can take stock, and true ourselves to who we want to be.

We can listen to our authentic voices and choose what is next.

And we can begin, step by step, down that new path.