Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement. It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

It’s usually “better” to describe what something is, rather than to create it through the negation of other things.

But, given how our minds work, and how they try to fit things into what we already know, and how easily they will say “oh yeah yeah yeah, I know that, what you’re talking about is this…”, there is value in trying to create a blank slate for something by pre-emptively letting the mind know “nope, that’s not what we’re talking about.”

In this vein…

Transformation is many things.

Transformation, however, is not:

Positive thinking
Wishful thinking
Faking Until Making
Glass Half-Full

Clearing away the mind webs that hang, oh so ready, to ensnare and cement down any view of transformation is a first step.

Inside of that cleared space, revisiting the list, what transformation may be shines stronger.

Discovery can begin.

Let’s go exploring.


* Wishful thinking was the pitfall I often fell into when I started my journey.  I was well familiar with wishful thinking, it was something I’d already done a lot (without really realizing it), so that was the web that kept snaring me until I noticed it…

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