Architecture Monday

Here’s a couple of nifty little ideas created using standard shipping container technology.

The first is a drop-down cabin that uses a sweet slide-out section that doubles the space  without needing to truck in a whole second container, and creates a giant solarium of living space.  The interior could use some refinement; the built-in furniture that tucks away is nice but the overall layout and design could be rendered both more useful and elegant.  That said, an intriguing first start, and the fact it arrives with solar panels is a plus.

Alternately, plug a few containers together, like this office.  With the outer frame taking up the structural load, there’s a lot of room for flexibility.  The front deck on this is pretty sweet, and would look great as the front bit of a house;  imagine having this deck as the entryway,  a container unit for the middle, and then having the slide-out solarium unit in back for a gloriously light-filled and open small house.

And you could always throw another container up top for an additional retreat or media room or library or…

With their ubiquity and standardization, shipping containers could offer up some nice design and building opportunities (like this train station).  Something to explore.

Cabin and office by CubeDepot.