Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

Do you realize we’re all not pooping and peeing in our pants?

This may not seem like much of a strange revelation… or a great insight… but consider it for a moment.

One of the most natural things in the world to do is to poo and pee whenever you feel the need.  I mean, why not.  Especially when it becomes really darn uncomfortable if we don’t!

Yet here we sit, not doing that (unless maybe if you’re on the toilet right now…).

We’ve learned to give up the immediate, hold it, live with some discomfort, and behave in a way that makes it better for us.

We gave up something to create something.

“I could never do that,” we sometimes say, when someone suggests to us a different course of action.  Or, perhaps, suggests a different way of living.

“Oh, I’m just that way, it’s how I operate,” is another phrase we may use.

“That’s not in my nature…”

Yet our nature is to go when we gotta go.

And now we’ll wait a whole heck of a long time at times when we gotta go.

We’ve got a lot more capacity for both uncomfortableness,

as well as to change and transform

than we give ourselves credit for.

It may be tough.  It may uncomfortable.  And it may take a while to learn and get it ingrained into who we are.

But if we can give up the joy and ease of unrestricted poo, what can’t we transform?