Architecture Monday

OK, so this one isn’t even complete yet, but I’m too excited to not share about it right away!  Not the least of which because it is by my perennial fave, Snøhetta.  It’s also a library!  Given their first project ever as a firm came through winning the competition for the giant Alexandria Library, it’s cool to see them design another one on a much more intimate scale.

And it’s a beaut!  Rising from the street level, terraced hillsides lead to a broad covered plaza, forming a big portico towards the city.  Overhead, the iceberg-like form curves together to create a prominent prow.  The crystalline patterns that adorn its side is nice both because it reinforces that ice-like quality, but also as it allows a seamless and sculptural transition between the windows and the solid bits of its face.  I also especially like how it straddles the new light rail line!

I’m even more excited for the inside, with its rising spiral of floors encircling a generous atrium.  It’s light, airy, and keeps everything visible, making multiple floors all a part of the larger community within the building.

Spaces get quieter and more intimate as you go up.  This pic of what I’m imagining is the top floor really sells it for me, with its curving platforms of books and seating, the light coming from up on high, and the mix of spaces for studying, reading, computer use, and more.

I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like when it’s done and open.  Tucked into Calgary, it’ll be much easier for me to visit than the one in Alexandria…

Central Library for Calgary, by Snøhetta

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