Architecture Monday

Alright, this is a nifty factory.  It takes a simple courtyard design, then pulls and warps the courtyards outward towards the corners to create, in essence, a courtyard surrounded by courtyards. This means that each of the four, independent, buildings that make up this cluster all get plenty of air, light, and views towards spaces of serenity.

This is further enhanced by the translucent walls, lots and lots of doors, and high open trusses.  As the buildings twist around the courtyards, the milky panels let in a ton of sun without glare, and you’re never more than a short jaunt to a protected outdoor space when you need a breather.  Done on a budget, the materials are simple and durable, but put together with care.

Every use or activity can be ensconced within mighty fine architecture.  This is no less true when that use is that of a factory or processing centre… and given how much of our lives we spend working, the spaces we work in are perhaps some of the most important spaces of all.

Very nice.  The Tangshan Organic Farm by ARCHSTUDIO

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