Architecture Monday

Ok, this one is part 2001 Monolith, part sculpture, and part security agency super secret scary dark cube. 

In actuality, it is a data centre in Coviha Portugal, one that embraces its blank box nature to create something striking.  It’s got two main bits:  that slate-like solid that houses all the servers as efficiently as possible and a more sinewy support building that surrounds the box to house offices, IT rooms, and various support functions.  Compared to the featureless nature of the box, the support building is ensconced in glass and covered with a cooling pond that doubles in duty as a reflecting garden.  A garden of actual trees and solar panels surrounds the site.

It’s always great to see a project (and a company!) that takes what is often ignored and relegated to blank banality and instead elevates them, recognizing that function doesn’t need to compromise spirit, and that all that we build has an impact on our quality of our towns and lives.

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