Coaster Thursday

New coaster announced for Canada’s Wonderland for 2019… and it’s pretty darn good looking dive coaster:

A few superlatives there, including tallest and fastest dive coaster, but beyond that it’s seems to have a nice swooping layout that includes a gaggle inversions.  I think it’s nifty how the coaster intersects with (the great!) Vortex; that and the water should make for a memorable first drop — well, even more memorable given the 90 degree incline with stare-down time!  Alas, like most of the coasters at Wonderland, it’s a short one.

Looking at the off-ride view, though, are… some of those inversions taller than the mountain?  Egads!  As I noted before, back in the early days (and my younger years) that mountain seemed TOWERING, it still feels so strange to me to have it now being lorded over by several of the coasters.

Overall this is looking like a good add.  It’s still been years since I’ve visited the park, so this is another good push for me to try and get out there again!