Philosophy Tuesday

Transformational insights are rarely as awesome looking in reality as they are in our heads.  In our imaginations, they are all filled with radiant light shining from above, accompanied by an angelic choir as we hover gloriously in mystical comprehension.

Alas, not so much.  More often, transformation comes in the form most commonly labelled as “bad news insights.”  Bad news, as in, “Wait, I’m the one who put that barrier in front of myself?” or “So I’m the one who sentenced myself to all those years of torment?” or “Nuts, I did that, didn’t I?” or, even worse, “Crud.  I’m the one who is the jerk.  Not them.  Damn.”

This is usually accompanied by some not so great feelings.  And plenty of self-recrimination:  stupid, ass, bad, wrong, moron, fool…  all leading to a whole bevy of downward thought spirals.

I have been wrong.  I have been in the wrong.  That’s bad news!

And – it’s also quite the good news.

Because, if we were and are the cause of it, then we are the cause of the end of it as well.  We have the power.  And we know we have the power, because we’ve already done it.  Which means we also know we can undo it.  We can complete what’s there, create new contexts, clean up the messes we made with others, apologize, and lay the foundation for a different path forward.

Sure, it sucks that we spent so long in a world of poo, but here we are.  We get it now. 

And from here, now, we get to choose new futures of joy, peace of mind, and love for ourselves, our lives, and for those around us.




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