Gaming Thursday: RPG System: The Release

It is ready!  After many years of musings and thoughts, experiments and explorations, tests and tweaks, frustrations and, I will admit, moments of wondering if this was all a fool’s errand, it has finally come together in a flurry of insights, inspirations, and a few nifty innovations.  The long journey has come to fruition – the core of my RPG system is ready for release.  And so with that, and with great excitement, I introduce you all to:



The Aurora RPG Engine.  A core resolution system that is visceral and intuitive, with a quick and meaningful resolution engine that emphasizes player choice, agency, and engagement.  In addition, it is designed with many hooks to be adjusted and customized for many different games and campaigns, suiting their needs in terms of genre, tone, feel, and playstyle while supporting both crunchy and narrative mechanics for excitement and storytelling delight.

Starting next Monday, Aurora will take over the blog for a week, interrupting the regular schedule to allow for the entire engine to be posted.  Besides the system itself there will be designer notes, greater explorations on how the various pieces fit together, peeks beneath the hood on why the engine was designed the way it was, and examples of how to use it all, adding subsystems to create a full RPG system to support a rich and exciting campaign.

I’m chuffed and giddy and just a bit nervous to share it all with you.   But I can’t wait to see what you all think and, even more so, what you do with it and the games and awesome times and stories it supports.

See you Monday!

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