Architecture Monday

Welcome to your lily pad, floating gently on the water in a placid lake.  Ready for a little getaway?

Surrounded by vineyards in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France, the vertical wood slat screen that encircles each small cabin creates patterns of light and shade, solid and gap, such that the huts blend easily with the trees and tall grasses that surround the lake.  This is further and deliciously accentuated by having the tops of the slats stretch beyond the lattice-like roof beyond, extending towards the sky.

Carefully positioned, the screen dapples the strong Mediterranean sun and dampens any winds, bringing comfort while also bringing privacy to both a veranda and the cabin itself.  The interior is spare, almost sauna-like, letting the wood planks and the water beyond do most of the talking.

A lovely little idea, using a simple motif to bring both elegance and lightness to the project, blending with the serenity of the lake and leaving nature as the dominant voice.  Great marrying of function and form.

The Grands Cépages Cabins Hotel by Atelier LAVIT