Architecture Monday

Something a little different tonight… a nice little canopy over an EV charging centre.

There’s a lot to like here, not the least of which is the repeating star shaped columns that lend a rather elegant flair.  Intended to be modular, these tree-like columns can be arranged and attached in continuing sequences to make larger or smaller shelters.  From there, the canopy itself (continuing with the tree motif) is a playground to create patterns of open areas, letting in light and views and spaces for additional trees to grow, while also supporting a planted roof for additional greenery and green-ness.  Best of all, it’s made of wood and grass and besides being tactile and inviting it is crafted from certified forests and can easily be disassembled for re-purposing or even re-use someplace else in another guise.

Neat and nimble, a utilitarian structure given attention to become a boon and a welcome place, quiet, restful, and clean, to spend a few moments for one’s car to sup on sweet sweet electrons.  Awesome stuff, I’d totally welcome stopping there for a charge on a road trip.  And it has a swing!  A definite in the plus column, and just what we might expect from the firm who was also responsible for this amazing kindergarten

Ultra Fast Charging Stations by COBE

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