Wonder Saturday

Wow, it turns out that the Kurt Vonnegut quote I posted on last Tuesday’s philosophy post was, indeed, an actual quote by Kurt Vonnegut!  (There’s so many miss-attributed or just plain fabricated quotes out there, one never can quite be sure…)  Even better, here’s a reading of the whole letter in which it was contained by none other than Gandalf himself, Sir Ian McKellen!


One thought on “Wonder Saturday

  1. Agneta Lagercrantz June 22, 2021 / 01:27

    You’re the only one giving this the right story and right source. The Facebook sharings round the world only quote the “When I was 15 …” etc story, and constantly refer it to Vonnegut.

    Thanks for bringing clarity when I tried to get to the real source.

    Agneta Lagercrantz in Sweden.

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