Architecture Monday

Seeking out tiny lot homes in Japan is always a lot of fun, they’re often amazing expressions of creativity and ingenuity, fitting lots of function and great feels into a small form.  This particular example is nestled on a small triangular lot that borders a river.

As is often the case with these types of narrow houses, this one uses the vertical direction to its best advantage, while also playing with the angular nature of the triangular lot to let the second and main floor open and expand in three dimensions, even creating enough room for a loft.  The main room sports a pair of large bay windows, one of which opens to a small balcony facing the river.  Despite (and in some ways enhanced by) the small size, each room has its own feel, and all abound with light.

Very neat.  Constraint can be a great impetus for design, and this is a mighty fine example of that, an exciting series of rooms that make the most of the boundaries.

The Riverside House by Mizuishi Architects Atelier

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