Architecture Monday

I was glancing through my photos of my trip to the Nordic countries and came across this one of a church I wrote about back in 2017!

I saw it (and took this shot from) the deck of a ferry heading into the fjords, and I love how both a) prominent it is, a strong upthrust of verticality in the sea of low-slung horizontal buildings, but also b) how much it just fits and avoids becoming a massive punch in the eye(sore).  It’s not announcing itself for itself.  Instead it’s form and materiality are used to play off of and perhaps even enhance its backdrop.  Also neat to see how it looks now after a few years of patina has turned its wood construction into this lovely rich shade of rocky grey.

Alas, I didn’t get a chance to go inside so I’ll have to live vicariously for that part of it.  But this glimpse as we sailed past was great on its own and made me admire it all that much more.

Community Church Knarvik by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter  (Which I just realized is the same architect as the Trollstigen Visitor’s Centre I posted about a few weeks ago!)

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