Architecture Monday

So while looking at the subject of last week’s post, I noticed this:

“What,” I asked myself, “In heck is that honkin’ cantilevered thing?”  So I looked more, and, yeah, wow, that is one big cantilever – 178 feet or 54m!

Attached to a performing arts centre, the prominent protuberance is known as the Endless Bridge and is used as a gallery, event space, and observatory.

The rest of the building is pretty spiff as well, an assemblage of bold forms upon which subtle (less so at night) images have been printed right onto the panels.

The main theatre is pretty cool too, with an asymmetrical thrust stage and hyper colourful seating:

Nifty and expressive, and a cool contrast to the old silos of the Mill Center. Very cool!

The Guthrie Theatre by Ateliers Jean Nouvel (who also did these two projects [1] [2])

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