Architecture Monday


The Canada Permanent Trust Building, built in 1931 in Toronto just a few blocks south from the old City Hall (and in amongst what has become the banking district).  A classic early skyscraper, neatly ornate and even lavish, just finishing up a major restoration that’ll have it ready to shine for years to come.

You can also see, just to the left in the photo above, an interesting addition to the classic front.  I’m not sure when it happened, but the pleated glass façade makes me think 60s-80s.  If you check out the floor plans for rent here you can clearly make it out, along with a similar articulation along the back.

Check out the sparse surroundings of 1931 Toronto!  With its strong vertical articulation it must have felt stunningly tall back then.

Ya gotta love the old banking floor, with its high vaulted ceiling and strong ornamentation.

And check out those elevator doors!

The Permanent (new name), originally by Henry Sproatt…  who, oh wow, also designed the Royal York Hotel, Canada Life Building, and the Princess Margaret Hospital!

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